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Winston Neurology

Who we are

Your nervous system is at the center of all that you do. It affects the way your body works, the way you move, the way you think. When it stops working, or works abnormally, it is important to find out why and see what can be done to get you back to as normal and pain-free a life as possible. Whether you are seeking general neurological care or headache care, we are here for you.

Accurate diagnosis

The providers at Novant Health Winston Neurology start by listening to each patient. We want to understand what's bothering you now and how that fits into your health history. Then, we use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate your current neurological condition and determine what might be causing your issues. An accurate diagnose is key to successful treatment or management of your symptoms, so we keep searching and asking questions until we get the answers we need. 

Remarkable treatment

Once we have achieved an accurate diagnosis, we look at the best treatment choices for you. While some neurological conditions are treatable or will get better over time, others require management so symptoms do not get worse. Just as no two patients are alike, no two treatment plans are the same, either. We are committed to finding the right treatment plan for your disorder and your life.

Renowned providers

Our board-certified neurologists and highly skilled midlevel providers have devoted their careers to helping patients with neurological diseases and disorders. Whether you are suffering from chronic headaches or migraines, living with a sleep disorder that's making it hard to enjoy life, or battling a neurological concern like epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, our providers have years of training and experience that will benefit you and help you live as healthy and active a life as possible.

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