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Headache treatment

The headache specialists at Novant Health Winston Neurology's headache clinic are constantly researching the latest innovations in headache treatment. They take part in frequent training and continuing education activities so our patients can benefit from these advances.

Headache treatments offered by our providers include:


For adults with 15 or more headache days a month, BOTOX® is a possible preventive solution. BOTOX® (botulinum toxin) is injected into specific points in the head and neck every 12 weeks. These injections have been shown to prevent up to nine headache days per month.

Trigger point injections

If your headaches are caused by muscle tension or muscle spasms, trigger point injections can help relax those muscles and lessen your headache pain. The injection itself can contain an anesthetic such as lidocaine or a cortisone medication. Injections can be completed quickly and with little pain. They provide temporary relief and will need to be repeated to remain effective.


One of the newest and most advanced methods of preventing migraines, SphenoCath® is a quick in-office procedure that delivers something called a sphenopalatine ganglion block, or SPG block. The target is nerve cells under the tissue at the back of the nose. The SphenoCath® device delivers a local anesthetic, which temporarily blocks nerve impulses and prevents pain in the area. While SPG blocks have been around for awhile, the SphenoCath device has made their application quickly and nearly pain-free.

Medicinal treatment

In some cases, medicine is the best way to lessen or eliminate headaches. Medicines can either be taken on a consistent basis to prevent headaches or on an as-needed basis to lessen symptoms. Your provider will explain any medicinal options and help you understand any potential side effects. 

Lifestyle changes

Headaches can often be triggered by foods, alcohol, tobacco or certain activities. Sometimes headaches can be lessened or prevented by identifying and avoiding triggering substances or activities. Our providers will help you create a plan to avoid these triggers.

To learn more about any of these treatments, call Novant Health Winston Neurology's headache clinic in Kernersville, North Carolina, at 336-277-6430.

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